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Massa hidden traffic, Informa
Massa blends deep, immersive soundscapes with abstract rhythms to craft captivating narratives on the dancefloor. He consistently challenges the boundaries of his sound, always pushing for new levels of innovation.
Deepbass Informa, hidden traffic

Naming the project Deepbass was a strong statement of intent and commitment to a sound of his own, from the start. That he has in fact established it and remains on a path of constant perfection of it, is indicative of Darren´s personality and talent.

This consistent path has seen Deepbass put out records on labels such as Edit Select Records, Aconito Records, Dynamic Reflection and Soma, all the while enjoying a steady rise in recognition both with audience and peers.

Along the way, he found in Italian producer Andrea Deplano, most widely known as Ness, a perfect foil for his vision of techno, with both collaborating on releases which displayed uncanny compatibility in sound between them.

This commitment to the deeper, hypnotic side of techno is further proved by his own label, Informa Records, where releases by names like Reggy Van Oers, nAX_Acid, Claudio PRC, Takaaki Itoh, Ness, NX1, Hironori Takahashi are constant highlights for those who crave expansive and engrossing soundscapes.

What stands out from his production and performances is that Deepbass creates something identifiably his own, but refuses to ever be limited by it or to get comfortable repeating just one thing.

Instead, he takes what´s already his own and streamlines it, sharpens it and nuances it.

The origin and destination might be constant, but the path it takes and how the journey feels is ever-changing.

Ness hidden traffic TGP

Ness is a dj and producer born and raised in Sardinia, acknowledged for his style over a decade of music with a background in sound engineering and many years of research and fine-tuning.

He gradually developed a distinct technique with a strong focus on atmosphere combined with hypnotic rhythms. Having performed in some of the most relevant clubs and festivals around the globe, he steadily releases music and collaborates with several renowned techno labels within the scene.

With experience as label manager through the years with partnership on Mono Records and The Gods Planet, he later established his spin off project label Ness Reworks in 2018. Ness music and dj set are well accepted and defined as an exploration of wide range of deep hypnotic techno and ambient soundscapes.

Repart hidden traffic, Informa

Arcadia Audio boss and Dj / Producer from Glasgow, Repart has releases on hidden traffic, Informa Records, Animal Farm and Planet Rhythm. 

Blazej Malinowski, hidden traffic, inner tension

Polish producer, dj, radio journalist based in Berlin. Collector of vinyl records and items with potential to generate music. In his work obsessed by the musical genres related to techno and deep atmospheric forms. Founder of Why So Silent project which includes live techno perfomances and silent movies in the background. Co-founder of Fűnfte Strasse project, which includes a radio broadcast and recurring music events.

Reggy Van Oers

Reggy Van Oers, hidden traffic, telemorph

Reggy Van Oers (RVO) has shown himself to be a DJ of class and a highly respected producer over the years. With a clear philosophy on the creation and manipulation of sound we can find his productions played by a large variety of artists across the globe.

It is no surprise he is often asked to release on a wide range of labels which also paved the way to collaborate with well respected artists. His music has seen releases on labels like The Gods Planet, Informa, Affin and Green. It is safe to say his deep, minimalistic and atmospheric techno has definitely not gone unnoticed.

With his platform Telemorph, a tight bond between all artists involved, he creates a special place for solo releases and fruitful collaborations in order to expand their distinct musical journey. To extend this philosophy even further he founded Morph, with which he brings that same vision of sound to the embodiment of his concept. The artistic freedom and (label) family-spirited feel of the nights allow artists to be fully immersed into their craft. Mindset and artistry are the key pillars of these events.

Pvnv Taapion, hidden traffic

Owner at Taapion Records.

Part of Taapion Soundsystem Live